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WADI HAFLA - the new Abdel Hazim CD

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  1. Tahia Carioca in blue [3:31]
    Abdel Hazim: guitar, Abded Halabi: percussion, Ananta: trumpet, Sadig Shiakh Eldin Gibril: oud
  2. Tadaru [3:27] "Tadaru" is a term that means extreme humility and humbleness caused by despair and is expressed when a person has reached a critical juncture.
    If you like to understand the meaning of tadaru, imagine yourself in a boat on the shore of an ocean, in the middle of a sandstorm. Imagine that the navigator of the boat has no idea where is going. Feel the waves becoming bigger and bigger as you head to the ocean. Feel the despair of the people sitting in the boat, overloaded, praying. As the sandstorm surrounds the boat like a thick fog, there is no compass, no GPS, no view, no way to check if the boat is going the right direction, towards land. But we feel that we're approaching the ocean as the boat wiggles more and more on the waves. Now imagine turning to God at that point and asking for His help. We deeply feel that our senses cannot help us out of this situation. In this state of need, awe, dependency and utter humility we are in tadaru, a state of surrender. In the west there is no such word for this concept.
  3. Duende [1:50]
  4. Wadi hafla [5:31]
    Abdel Hazim: bass, Abded Halabi: percussion, Ananta: trumpet, Sadig Shiakh Eldin Gibril: oud
  5. Sikka hadid []5:47
  6. Qalbi [4:24]
    Abdel Hazim: percussion, Asfour: Ney, Sadig Shiakh Eldin Gibril: oud
  7. Raqs maxum [5:57]


Abdel Hazim: Wadi Hafla