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Bellydance legends

Bellydancers from Egypt

Beba Ezz Eldin

Beba Aza Edine

Beba Ezzedine was born in 1910 and started her dance career in Beirut. Beba was a more than gorgeous belly dancer who became famous in 1930, and her fame rose even more in the the forties and the fifties.
Not much is known of this beautiful dancer who's life mostly remained a mystery. Beba frequented the high society of Cairo and had many admirers, even in governement circles. This bellydance superstar was earning 1500 EGP/m in 1941 (or the equivalent of 150.000 euro per month - US$ 180,000 p/m).

On the picture left she was dancing on one of her famous gala evenings and this form of networking gave her the right connections for opening her own nightclub later on. Her name was mentioned in an account of a foreign ambassador who watched her performance.
Beba used to be one of the famous belly dance stars of Cairo's favorite shisha-smoking entertainer, Badia Masabni, and later became even a concurrent...

Besides being a belly dancer, Beba Ez El Din also fought against the British colony as an Egyptian patriot and freedom fighter.

When Badia Masabni left Egypt to return to Syria, she sold her nightclub "Opera" to Beba. Now Beba had her own nightclub-casino where the high society used to dwell and she made a lot of money by hiring other dancers. Singers and actors like Souad Mekawy performed in her venue. Beba died at the age of 40 in a car accident in 1950.

Beba aza edine
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Beba Azzedine's picture is featured in the coverart of the "Bellydance revolutions" CD of Abdel Hazim, order here.