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 Youssra: a new generation

Since the late 1970's two Egyptian superstars Adel Imam and Nadia Al-Guindi dominated Egyptian cinema. Nadia el Gindi was born in 1940 and became one of the best paid stars in egyptian cinema. Nadia's first starring role was in the biography Bamba Kashar (1974), a movie made after the famous female artist of the early 20th century.

Later in the 90's dancing actresses like Youssra - who won the "Best Actress Award 'Golden Knight' of the Middle East Oscars 1999 - and Jala Fahmi made the billboards.
Yousra featured in the Youssef Chahine movie "Al Mohager" where she played Simihit, Amihar's wife. Amihar was the Theban military chief that Ram, the main character worked for. The movie relates the story of an bedouin emigrant who moves to Egypt in order to learn agriculture. Yousra did some belly dance as the pharaonic high priestess. Also starring Hanan Al Torki as Hati, Ram's wife and Mahmoud Hemeida as Amihar. Khaled El Nabaoui plays Ram and Safia El Emari features as Basma. It's a nice movie and the dances are very entertaining.
Jala Fahmi Jala Ashraf Fahmy (born november 6th 1962) made her career on several film adaptations like "Pizza Pizza", directed by Mazen El-Gebali, starring Ashraf Abdel-Baqi, but Jala didn't make any box offices yet.

Yusra in Al Mohager
Yousra, one of Egypt's most famous actesses known for her appearances in moesalsal talfazi (television series), Ahmed Ramzi and Mustafa Fahmi starred in "Al-Warda Al-Hamra (The Red Rose,2000)" directed by the female director Inas El-Degheidi. "Al-Warda Al-Hamra" appeared to be a box office failure despite the scenario by scenarist Abdel-Hayy Adib. Television actress Youssra plays a prostitute, dancing and singing on the beach of Al-Gouna. The film relates the story of a girl dreaming of being a famous singer who decides to sacrifice her love of her live to marry an older man who can push her career. She (Yusra) is finding herself torn between her husband and her former lover (Mustafa Fahmi). "Al Warda Al Hamra" was completely banned from participating in any Arab or International Festival.
When Yousra appeared in a bikini swimsuit in a television series, she was heavily critised.
Two lawyers demanded the actress Youssra to be imprisoned for appearing "almost naked" on magazine covers. Yousra featured in "Birds of Darkness," a movie in which a comedian speaks out against Islamic extremism.
Youssra dances In Qalam Al-Layl, (Night Whispers,1999) by the female filmmaker Inas El-Degheidi. Starring Yosra and Jala Fahmi.
Kokitta played by Jala Fahmi, performs some bellydances - two to be exact - to the music of Qazem Al-Saher.
In Qalam el-Layl the character Kokitta dances seductively and is without restraint manipulating men as if she owned a set of keys to their hearts and minds. In this melodramatic but extremely good movie Kokitta's house is open to every man and woman. Amina played by Youssra, is recording every customer's intimate behaviour with her video camera for the purposes of blackmail.

Kokitta to forces Amina to remain by framing her for prostitution and watches as she is taken away from her mother and two sisters to a police station. In revenge, Amina carefully plans Kokitta's fall using the videos. Although the movie is merely focussed on the night club scene, the dances don't take such a prominent place as you might expect! This film doesn't feature elaborate dance scenes and in fact the dancing itself is no big deal either.
Enas al Degheedy continues to be a controversal filmmaker and she shortly received a judicial warning from the Head of Egyptian Censors Committee. Her her latest movie "Viagra Falls" is violating copyright of a pharmaceutical company.
Movies with Yosra:
  • Darb Elhawa
  • Maali Al Wazir
  • Ash Elmaganeen
  • Birds Of Darkness
  • Terrorism & Barbeque / Elirhab Welkabab(with Adel Eman)
  • Night Chat / Kalam Elliel
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