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 Faten Hamama

 Faten Hamama

Faten Hamama was awarded an honorary doctorate in humane letters in 1999 for her long and distinguished film career, portraying the problems that women face in modern Egypt. An example of this is the feminist film "Orid Halla" of director-screenwriter Said Marzouk in 1974.
Born may, 27th 1931 in Cairo Faten Hamama became one of Egypts biggest movie stars.
She started her film carreer of more than 24 movies at the age of six in "Happy Day" on the side of the godfather of egyptian bellydance music, Mohamed Abdelwahab.
Faten Hamama, the Egyptian Super Star her first husband was the great director Ez El Din Zulfikar. Zulficar was one of the pioneers of egyptian movies and was named as "The Poet Director", known for romantic films.
Egypt's leading film star of the fifties, Faten Hamama, met her second husband Omar Sharif in his first important lead role in the motion picture Sina Fil Wadi (The Blazing Sun, 1954). A year later she played in "Ayamna El Helwa" (Our Beautiful Days, "Nos Plus Beau Jours", directed by Helmi Halim, 1955)on the side of Abdel Halim Hafez and again Omar Sherif.

bellydance legendsbellydance legends
At that time Faten Hamama was one of the most popular Egyptian stars and Omar Sharif popularity boosted by their marriage. Faten Hamama and Omar El Sherif divorced in 1974.Faten Hamama The renowned actress also played in a movie with Farid Al Atrache in "Lahn El Khulood" or "Lahn al khouloud (1952)" (El Kholoud means eternity) where El Atrache played his famous bellydance song Gameel gamal or "Gamil Gamal".
It was not the only arab songwriter sharing the white screen. The morrocan singer-songwriter Abdelwahab Doukkali (and the french actor Paul Barge) featured together with her, playing the beautiful Zuleima in a coproduction between Morrocco, Egypt and Spain in 1967 released 1971 as "Fiesta de toros" under the direction of the Youssef Chahine.
The egyptian actress did not only arabian movies but also made her way in the anglosaxon filmindustry. Faten Hammama featured as Amina in the black and white film "Cairo" (1963), a movie about the robbery of King Tut's treasures in the Cairo Museum. Co-actors were George Sanders and Richard Johnson. The movie was directed by Wolf Rilla and made after the novel "The Asphalt Jungle" of W.R.Burnett.

Hamama now enjoys a stable family life with her third husband and still lives in Cairo, happily surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

bellydance legendsbellydance legends
 * Other movies with Faten Hamama:
  • Al Zawja Al Athra co-starring Imad Hamdi.
  • The nightingale's prayer or Doa'a El Karuwan (1959) from Henri Barakat with Ahmed Mazhar
    [ دعاء الكروان ] also called "The Curlew's Supplications"
  • Ayamna El Helwa (Our Beautiful Days)
    Released: March 1, 1955
    with Abdel Halim Hafez, Omar Sherif and Ahmad Ramzi
    Directed by Helmi Halim
  • The sin (al Haram) by Henri Barakat, Egypt, 1965

bellydance legendsbellydance legends