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 Fifi Abdu

 Fifi Abdou

Does Fifi Abdu needs to be introduced? The queen of oriental dance is admired by millions in the East and the West. She became an icon of raqs sharki. Equally detested by millions who find her behaving provocative and vulgar. Her name was mentioned in as much scandals as she was billed in her movies, cassettes and videos. Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdo is a businesswoman. With a good running business...
Fifi started her life working as a dancer. Moving her way up doing weddings. A few years later on she turns to cinema and theater plays. She's a great admirer of the legendary belly dancer Tahiya Carioca and wants even to produce a movie on the live of Taheya.
Besides that her controversial shows in five star venues made her famous but it wasn't it just the spirit of the time she reacted to? Entertainers in the west used controversies to raise attention and commotion and it worked, it also worked in the east. Fifi Abdou spends as much time in the courtroom as in the ballroom. As a result Fifi Abdou never leaves without her bodyguards to protect her against the excesses of admirers or opponents. Despite the fact that Egyptian Television Network banned the screening of all dramas starring Fifi Abdo like the drama "Ta'r Al Hubb" and "El Siti Aseelah", her popularity remains unaffected.

Fifi Abdou
All this doesn't mean she's not a big dance star. Even in her latest productions she still finds the inspiration to add something extra to her dance performance like her famous "Shisha" dance, a dance with a water pipe.
Fifi Abdu is an excellent dancer, even on stiletto heels, no doubt about that. But she and her management (she had no less than 6 managers) know exactly how to play the media. It's all part of the game after all. She not even thinking on leaving the scene. The long way from "bint al balad" to "queen of the oriental dance" wasn't always smooth. Some of her productions didn't exactly turn out box-office hits. And she's not getting any younger too, despite the face lifts. However, Fifi never lost her glamour and when she's on the scene, she looks forever young...

Hazimni yahazemni ya

  • "Nour al ayoun" (Light of Her Eyes) written by Naguib Mahfouz
    In "Nour al ayoun" Fifi Abdou plays a poor country girl trying to become a famous dancer who enthralls a rich old man who helps her on her rise to fame. She wants to revenge men who have wronged her but ends up being a big dance star.
  • El Ferqa 12 (1991) starring Hassan Hosny, Fifi Abdou
  • Al Mazag (directed by Ali Abd El Khaleq, 1991) starring Soad Nasr, Ahmed Bedeer, Fifi Abdou, Sanaa Younis, Madiha Kamel
    music by Samy Al Hefnawy
  • El Setat (1992)
  • Al Qatela (directed by Enass Al Deghedy, 1992) starring Hassan Hosny, Farouq Al Feshway Eman "Liz Sarkisian", Fifi Abdu
    Music by Rageh Dawood
    The great politician dies in obscure circumstances and his fife decides to reveal the crime. Policeman, Hossam reaches the fact that there are several similar crimes that take place and behind which there is a sexual motive gets to know that his neighbor Ragaa is behind them all.
  • Maganino (1993) with Mahmoud Hemeida (former a dancer in the Reda Dance Troupe)
  • Qadara by Adel Al Aasr (1994) Music by Samy Noseer
  • Lilat El Qatl (1994)
  • Darbet Gazaa (directed by Ashraf Fahmy,1995) producer Ibrahim El Mashnab starring Fifi Abdou, Wahid Saif, Kamal Al Shenawy, Mahmoud Qabil
  • Al Sagha (1996) starring Fifi Abdu
  • Zanqit AL-Sittat (2000) comedy.
    In "Zanqit Al Sittat" (the name of a famous shaabi market in Alexandria), Fifi Abdou plays the same role as she always does: the strong, sexy woman who takes revenge on all the men who cross her path. Fifi Abdou for example, blissfully unaware of her fading charms, insists on clinging to the role of the sassy sex symbol.
  • "Hazemni Ya" (Tie the Scarf!) by producer Adel Hosni, a crowd-pleasing lightweight play. Co-starring Mohamed Heneidi. In this memorable box office hit "Hazimni Ya", the heroine is played by Fifi Abdou, a low-paid nurse who takes up dancing. Fifi Abdul wears only a white robe with no belt. Her dance act featured tying a hip scarf around the hips while in movement, hence the title of the play. Or was it the other way round? There's another original dance done on chairs.
  • Iddala'i Ya Dousa (Be Coquettish Dousa), starring Fifi Abdou

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