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Hellfire club

Movie posters: Hellfire club (1960)

In contrast to what the movie poster promises this movie was less shocking than the advestisement made us believe.
The notorious gentlemen’s club of the title was famous for its depravity, debauchery, and devil worship – but the satanic mischief is completely absent from this romantic melodrama loosely based on the Hellfire Club.
The movie is a thrilling swordplay set in King George II's 18th-century England. This british production features Keith Mitchell as Jason, the young son of Lord Netherden (Andrew Faulds) the leader of the notorious Hellfire Club. When the boy is whipped because he accidentally walks in on an orgy being held by his father, his mother (Jean Lodge), finally fed up with her husbands' debauchery, flees with her son. Soon after, she is killed in a coach accident. The boy is raised by family retainer Lodge.
Years later, with the help of his attorney Merryweather (Peter Cushing), Jason (who became a circus acrobat) returns to the estate of his father to reclaim his father's estate, but crosses swords with his evil cousin Thomas (Peter Arne) who has carried on the seedy traditions of his uncle and has stolen both his name and estate. Thomas kidnaps Jasions's childhood sweetheart Yvonne (Kai Fischer), thus forcing Jasp, to pursue and mortally wound him in a duel, thus regaining his estate and his love.

Also casting Adrienne Corri as Isobel, a red-headed seductrice and David Lodge as Timothy
Directed and producted in the U.K. by Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman
Music Direction: Muir Mathieson
Original Music: Clifton Parker