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HazimHadia (Jocelyne Chouard)

Explorer, historician, writer, composer and musician Abdel Hazim worked extensively together with various Turkish, Morrocan, Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Iraki, Tunesian, Algerian and Indian musicians
His first musical experiences were as manager and percussionist for El Kholoud (the eternity, from KHULUD, KHULOOD: immortality), the Morroccan band of oud player and composer Abdelkader Zahnoun.

After the famous Turkish dancer Nesrin Topkapi taught him some tricks on the derboukka, Hazim soon acquired the taste of accompaniying bellydancers. Nesrin Topkapi was the first Turkish dancer seen on television. She stopped performing and now runs a nice studio in the hills of Istanbul. Hazim gained further insight by learning Arabic, North African and Turkish rhythms (one of his teachers was Hossam Ramzy) and learned ney (from Asfour of Tunesia)as well as oud (Mohamed Zahnoun of Morroco). Hossam Ramzy worked with top artists such as Peter Gabriel, Joan Armatrading and Jimmy Page & Robert Plant.
Mr. Metin And - the Turkish dance authority of Ankara - convinced Abdel Hazim that the engravings collected were valuable authentic historical material.

Hazim worked together with dancers such as internationally reknowned instructor, performer and choreographer Hadia of Vancouver [listen to Hadia singing], Rana Miras from Turkey, Aziza Gizeh and many, many other bellydancers. an intermezzo also as snake charmer briefly together with Natacha Atlas. Natacha was singing in the band of Jah Wobble at that time and working as bellydancer when visiting Belgium.

Abdel Hazim wrote songs for and produced the 1991 the sensuous female vocal group Harem as Chemist for ARS (the company from Technotronic). Hazim also produced Arab musicians like the Lebanese singer and derboukka player Abed Halabi and the Algerian Mohamed Zahnoun or Zahdee. Finally, after a long and very succesful carreer as the first bellydance manager in Europe he left the business to dedicate his life to other values. Hossam Ramzy and Kate Fenwick
Most of the text that go together with the pictures are originally from a book the founder of the Bellydance Museum wrote in the early 90's. Pictures were collected to illustrate the writings. It's contents are now partially published on a belgium website but only in the dutch language.
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