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Bellydancers from Egypt

Hekmet Fahmy

Hekmat Fahmy

Hekmet Fahmy was a niece of the great actress Aziza Amir and started her career with the touring groups. Hikmat Hikmet danced before Hitler, Mussolini and others of German leaders during Worldwar 2. Hekmet Fahmy, as an Egyptian nationalist, used her charms to undermine the British troops with the help of Johann Eppler.

Eppler was the main German intelligence effort in Cairo and was born a German, but grewn up in the port city Alexandria. His step-father being an Egyptian, raised him as an Egyptian. Later on Eppler took the name Hussein Gafaar. He wandered around in the egypts' high society and was friends with King Fuad and Prince Kemal. The Abwehr - the German Military Intelligence - decided to send him back to Cairo on a spy mission in 1942.

Once in Cairo, Eppler assumed a false identity and set up operations on a rented houseboat in Agouza. Eppler located Hekmeth Fahmi, a former girlfriend and a famous belly dancer who worked at the Kit Kat Cabaret, and used her to maintain "intimate" contact with several British officers. Together they began to gather intelligence that could be transmitted to Rommel. Eppler's houseboat was moored - what a coincidence - next to the one of his notorious ex-girlfriend Hekmet Fahmy. The notorious belly dancer lured several members of the British high command to her cosy place and extracted useful information which she then transmitted to the Germans.

Hikmet Fahmi

She was imprisoned in 1942 for 2 years after she was suspected of spying for the Germans. After the war in 1946 she produced a movie called "Almotasharidah".
Movie: Hekmat Fahmi the Spy [al-jasusah hekmat fahmy] (1994) - (starring Nadia al-Guindi)
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