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Hotel Sahara

Movie posters featuring bellydancers

Hotel Sahara (1951)

British musical movie of the 1950's
The story is about a desert hotel in the middle of neutral territory during world war two. Hotel owner Emad (Peter Ustinov) cheerfully changes the decor depending upon which army is enjoying his hospitality. Emad's sexy fiancée Yasmina (Yvonne De Carlo) is equally effusive to both the Allies and the Axis. Complications ensue when the British, German and French armies converge upon the hotel all at once. Yvonne De Carlo dances some kind of "oriental dance".

director: Ken Annakin (who did also the war movie "The Longest Day").

  • Yvonne De Carlo (Vancouver 1922 - )
    Salome Where She Danced in 1945
    Song of Sheherazade (1947)
    Hotel Sahara (1951) b/w (GB)

    Yvonne was born as Peggy Yvonne Middleton on September 1, 1922 in Vancouver, Canada. Littel Yvonne was three when her father abandoned the family. Her mother - a waitress - wanted her to be in the entertainment field and enrolled her daughter in a local dance school and also studied dramatics.
    At 15 years old, Yvonne and her mother went to Hollywood to find fame and fortune. Both returned to Canada after realizing that the dream didn't become true. They went back to the States in 1940 where Yvonne would dance in chorus lines at night while she checked in at the studios by day in search of film work.
    After appearing in three short films, all uncredited, she finally made a film for the mainstream public.
    In 1945 Yvonne took the title role in the film "Salome Where She Danced ". It was a first big role for Universal Studios and a huge success.
    Yvonne de Carlo After an off year in 1946, Yvonne returned to the silver screen the next year as Cara de Talavera in "Song of Sherazade". It seemed to most that the only thing that was worth watching in the movie was Yvonne herself. Time after time, Yvonne won leading roles in "Slave girl", "Casbah" and a couple of others where she didn't dance.
    At the start of the 1950's Yvonne enjoyed continued success in lead roles. In 1956, Yvonne appeared in the film that would immortalize her best, "The ten commandments". She played Moses (Charlton Heston) wife, Sephora. The film was a blockbuster still shown on television today. Her performance as Sephora launched her into another fine role as Amantha Starr in 1957's "Band of angels".
    With film roles vanishing, she took the role of Lily Munster in the smash series "The munsters", first aired in 1964. Yvonne appearanced for the last time on the big screen in 1993.
  • Peter Ustinov
    Though Yvonne de Carlo is top billed in Hotel Sahara, the film is stolen hands-down by co-star Peter Ustinov.
    Peter Ustinov was born in England to parents of Russian lineage. Trained at the London Theatre Studio, Ustinov was on stage from the age of 17, performing sketches written by himself in the 1939 revue.