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Abdullah the Great's harem

Belly dance movie posters.

Abdulla the Great (1954)

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Director: Gregory Ratoff
With Kay Kendall (1927 - 1959), Sydney Chaplin, Alexander D'Arcy, Italian supporting actress Marina Berti.
In this movie released in 1956, a beautiful English model encounters the romantic advances of an Egyptian ruler. Unfortunately for him she is definitely more interested in a young Army officer. The young soldier criticizes the regime. In short, a good story for romance and adventure.
As is common in these stories, the subjects of Abdullah the Great are plotting to overthrow him so he has other sorrows in the world than the affections of a lovely harem girl.

  • British actress Kay Kendall prepared for her own career by studying ballet. Being the granddaughter of musical comedy star Marie Kendall, daughter of vaudevillian Terry Kendall, her earliest professional engagement was a music-hall tour in an act with her sister Kim.
    She made her movie debut in "London Town "(1944). The movie disastrous flopped but she made her film comeback with a comedy role in Genevieve (1953), which secured her subsequent super stardom in films like "Les Girls and The Reluctant Debutante". In 1954 she fell in love with co star actor Rex Harrison. Kay married Rex Harrison in 1957. According to legend, Harisson knew that she was dying of leukemia, but kept her from finding out. Kay Kendall succumbed to her illness at 33, shortly after co-starring with Yul Brynner in Once More With Feeling (1960).
  • Gregory Ratoff not only directed the movie but also acted. Something he also did before in the 1950's movie "All About Eve" featuring Marilyn Monroe and directed bt Joseph L. Mankiewicz.
  • Sydney Chaplin is the son of famed actor Charlie Chaplin.
    He acted in:
    Abdulla the Great (1956)
    Limelight (1951)
    Land of the Pharoahs (1955)
    The Woman Hunter (1972)
    A Countess From Hong Kong (1967)