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Bamba Kashar

egyptian billboard Egypt - ref: 31

Bamba Kashar
printed in:Egypt
Cast: Nadia El Guindy as Bamba Kasher, Samir Sabry, Emad Hamdy, Amina Rizk, Said Saleh, Hassan Mustafa, Safaa Abu El Seoud, Khaireya Ahmed, Shafik Galal

Directed by: Hassan El Emam

This musical Bamba Kashar featured stars like Samir Sabri, Nadia Al Guindi and Emad Hamdi.
The legendary 19th century bellydancer Bamba Kashar used to dance in diplomatic circles.
She was the very first Egyptian bellydancer to appearing in Egyptian film, a silent movie of 1926.

Nadia El Guindi who played Bamba Kashar became one of the best paid film actresses of Egypt and BAMBA KASHER is one of the turning points in her carreer.
Samir Sabri started alongside Abdel-Halim Hafez in "My Father is Up The Tree", then reached cruise control with a lead role in the musical Bamba Kashar, named after the foremost songstress of the early 20th century.

Samir Sabri has played the lead role in more than 85 movies.

Not satisfied to appear in films produced by others, Samir took the next step and started up his own production company. He has produced films with stars like Adel Adham, bellydancer Nagwa Fouad, Nadia Lutfi, Youssra, Farid Shawqi and Laila Oloui.

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