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Bellydance poster: Egyptian dancing woman

"Sometimes two girls dance a duo: and I have seen this made quite as improper, though not as sickly sentimental, as in any opera house in Europe, when the ballerina falls back into the male object's arms, eyeing him with a leering smile, while she lifts one leg to the gallery!"

According an account by the American traveller, Charles Leland (1870)

dancing ghawazee woman with musician playing nay
Poster "Cairo: Egyptian dancing women"
photographic paper 43,5x28 cm

Hand coloured photo
Euro 15.00

The ghawazee tribe traveled from city to city, dancing in the streets, usually passing the tambourine after their shows. While the men of the tribe played instruments, the women danced either singly or with a few other girls, accompanying themselves with finger cymbals. Often they danced for festive occasions in the harem, at marriages and at births. They had the prestige of being the most well-known dancers in Egypt.

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