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Les Orientales - The Orientals

Les Orientales - The Orientals

Belgian movieposters are considered among the finest pieces of poster-art. The belly dancer here is Nagwa Fouad

Titles are mostly in french and dutch with the original english name mentioned as well.
A lot of the posters still have the original tax-seal on it and the movietheatre label.
Movieposters we only meant as promotion material and were sometimes painted in less than a day. It required a combination of high craftmanship together with the demand of working agains a deadline. This craft is now extinguished after the introduction of photographic reproductions. The poster became a collectors' item and some posters were printed without much information, simply as teaser such as this one.

The movie clip shows Nagwa Fouad dancing in a movie of 1960, perhaps it's a different one although the costume looks pretty much the same.