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Maureen O'Hara already played in "On the shores of Tripoli" in 1942 on the side of John Payne.

"Tripoli" is an entirely other movie featuring starring John Payne as marine lieutenant O'Bannon. The action plays in 1805 where the United States battles the pirates of Tripoli
Top-of-the-bill is Maureen O'Hara as Countess D'Arneau, who is visiting Tripoli in the hope of wedding a local prince. Featuring Howard Da Silva as Captain Demetrios, leader of a band of 19th-century mercenaries who sell their loyalties to the highest bidder. After a great deal of byplay between the three stars, the action comes thick and fast as the U.S. Marines and the pirates clash.
Again Maureen was featured in a Hollywood Arabian Nights Costume movie as she did in "Flame of Araby". Films that show beautiful costumes but really bad dance scenes.