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John Goldfarb, please come home

John Goldfarb, please come home

A nice entertaining movie featuring extensive belly dancing scenes.
Detail of the movie-poster with Nai Bonet as Sultanna the dancer.
Starring Shirley MacLaine who even gets a lesson and performs. Further on the payrol: Peter Ustinov and Richard Crenna. Peter Ustinov was born in England to parents of Russian lineage. Trained at the London Theatre Studio, Ustinov was on stage from the age of 17, performing sketches written by himself in the 1939 revue. The screenplay was written by William Peter Blatty (the Exorcist). Politics and sports centered around a crashed U2 pilot and an oil sheik.

the story:
John Goldfarb (Richard Crenna), a former football player, now pilot, sent on a reconnaissance mission over the Soviet Union, is lost and crash-lands in the fictive Middle Eastern kingdom of Fawzia. The extravagant king Fawz (Peter Ustinov) is constructing a football team to defeat Notre Dame and demands that Goldfarb coach his team or be handed over as a spy. In the interests of international relations, the U.S. State Department not only complies with King Fawz's request to bring the Notre Dame team to his country but in true diplomatic form insists that they throw the game. The romantic interest appears in the form of Jenny Ericson (Shirley MacLaine), an American reporter on an undercover assignment in the king's harem.

A pleasant view in scanty harem garb, she lends mild amusement to the story with attempts to avoid the king's amourous advances.