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El Hakim

El Hakim

Nadja Tiller plays Aziza in this german movie of 1957 directed by Rolf Thiele. The story is about famous Egyptian physician born in poor conditions who's career leads him across Cairo and small villages at the Nile to high fame to London and Paris. Nadja Tiller dances for him because she is in love with him and wants to attract him.<img src="" width="227" height="300" alt="Nadja Tiller" border="0" class="imageR">Austrian actress Nadja Tiller was born into a modestly famous theatrical family.

Nadja started her career as a model and won the Miss Austria contest. It became her ticket for her career as filmactress. The screenplay <i>El Hakim</i> of was based on the novel of John Knittel written in 1936 telling the story of an Egyptian physician, his struggle against poverty, ignorance and corruption and his relationship with different women. <i>El Hakim</i> became a huge box-office hit of the late 50s in Germany. Also featuring Austrian actor Otto Wilhelm Fischer.