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Samia Gamal dancing

Samia Gamal moves to western dance.

Akher saha, 15 december 1954.

The dancer Samia Gamal has declared she moves more to the direction of western dance than to oriental dance in her movies because "There is no more change in oriental dance. The same oriental dance repeats in every film but western dance has always a lot of change and creativity".
Director Niazi Mostafa agrees with Samia Gamal's opinion and in his new movie ther are three western dances against one oriental dance. Moustafa Niazi also directed "Taxi de l'amour" in 1954 (Taxi al Gharam). It was quite a revolution in oriental dancing and she had to opposite many critics because of that. Until today she remained one of the great innovators of bellydancing.

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Samia Gamal signing her filmcontract
Samia Gamal in 1954 signing the contract for her new movie "Sigara Wel Kas" with director Mustapha Niazi. In this movie besides Dalida, Kouka was singing and doing some kind of sword dance.

Samia Gamal dances
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    Samia's filmography:
  • A love for always (Habib Al omr) - Henri BARAKAT - 1948
  • Madam the She-devil (afrita hanem - عفريتة هانم) - Henri BARAKAT - 1949 with Farid Al Atrache, Samia Gamal, Abed Salem Nabilsy, Lola Sedki and Ismail Yasseen who also worked with with Badeaa Masabny as a singer in her band.
  • Monster (Al wahsh) - Salah ABOU SEIF - 1954
  • Come to greet me (taala sallem) - Helmy RAFLA - 1951
  • Glass and a cigarette (wa kass will sigara - سيجارة و كاس ) of Niazi MOUSTAFA - 1955
  • Appointment with the Unknown (maweed ma' a-l-maghoul) - Atef SALEM - 1959
  • Ali Baba and forty robbers - Jacques BECKER - France - 1954
  • Valley of the Kings. 1954 USA
    Starring Robert Taylor, Eleanor Parker. Directed by Robert Pirosh.

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