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Egypt: Stickdance in Tanta
Stickdance in Tanta
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type: wood-engraving
width in cm:9.0
height in cm: 9.0
engraved by:
Originally named "Markt zu Tanta", this work of the Austro-Hungarian artist Leopold Müller depicts a scene on a market place in the city of Tanta, Niledelta. The ghazeeyeh doing a cane dance on the marketplace is made the central theme of the picture but not dominating the action which includes a beggar a a sugarcane selling woman. The audience watches the dance on the back.
Leopold Müller made his first trip to Egypt in 1873 and later in 1875 one together with his collegue Rudolf Huber. He did nine trips to Cairo from 1873 until 1885. Later he at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna, Austria where he also died.
This Ghawazee stick dance or Raks al Assaya has a very distinctive step-hop, the tawalli step. The step is a hop on one foot, and a lifting of the other leg with the thigh horizontal to the floor at hip level, and the leg bent downward at the knee.

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