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Egypt: Zigeunerin (Ghawazi)
Zigeunerin (Ghawazi)
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type: wood-engraving
width in cm:9.0
height in cm: 9.0
artist: Gustav Richter (1823-1884)
engraved by:
EBERS, Georg Moritz (1837-98) the German Egyptologist and novelist, was born at Berlin, Germany. He was a student of Egyptian life and devoted himself to the study of Egyptology.

He went to Egypt, Arabia and Nubia in 1869, and returing home was given the chair of Egyptology at the University of Leipzich. On the second journey in 1872 he found the famous papyrus that now bears his name, the "EBERS PAPYRUS". He is the author of a number of learned works, the most important of which are Egypt and the Books of Moses, and Through Goshen to Sinai. Georg Ebers wrote also historical novels like Warda.
One of the illustrations of the description of Egypt by Ebers was of the german painter Gustav Richter.

Richter was born in 1823 at Berlin and later became a member of the academies of Berlin, Munich and Vienna. He executed frescoes in the Berlin Museum and died in 1884.

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