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Egypt: Egyptian - 19th Century
Egyptian - 19th Century
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type: lithograph (stone engraving)
width in cm:12.0
height in cm: 18.0
artist: K. Craufurd
engraved by:
Oriental dancer of the 19th century. Signed by K. Craufurd a politician and poet, had lived in Egypt in the 1880's.
"At all these entertainments if the host thinks it will be pleasing, the
Ghawazee or dancing girls are introduced, many of them being very handsome. These dance without their veils, to the slow music of the kamingah or kanoon, a dance resembling the fandango of Spain. As the women of the harem are very fond of the dance, the dancing girls usually make their display where the ladies can see the performance through their veiled windows."
wrote William Loring, an American soldier who ventured to Egypt in the 1870s.

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