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Azerbaidjan: Female dancer of Azerbaidjan( Bakou)
Female dancer of Azerbaidjan( Bakou)
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type: lithograph (stone engraving)
width in cm:9.0
height in cm: 9.0
artist: Unknown
engraved by:
The National dance featured here is from Baku, Azerbaijan.
Azeri dances contain elements from Kurdish, Turkish and Central Asian dances. The Azerbaijanis usually dance in the middle of a circle of supporters clapping their hand as is customary in the Caucasus and Central-asian regions. Among the traditional dances are wedding dances, dancing for the harvest and festivities on different occasions.
The most wellknown Azeri tradition is the "Halay", a performance of choral songs while dancing in a ring-group. Another traditional ritual dance, lesser known is done with tea glasses balancing on both hands. Inside are candles and according to an old Azeri dancer of the Baku region, this ethnic dance goes back to the time of Zoroaster. Dances with candles are widely spread in Asia.

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