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Turkmenistan: Female dancer Turkmenistan
Female dancer Turkmenistan
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type: lithograph (stone engraving)
width in cm:9.0
height in cm: 9.0
artist: Unknown
engraved by:
Dances of Turkmenistan belong to the ancient dances of the silk road.

They were mainly performed in Caravan serails.
A Caravan serails used to be a hotel for merchants and travelers by caravan along the Silk Road stretching from Central Asia to the shores of Europe. In those desolate areas where the traveler could take a rest from his long journey through the deserts of Central Asia sometimes he enjoy a dancer, hear tales, listen to music. The dances were not always modest but the merchant could take a relief and it sometimes happened that a traveller married one of the pretty looking dancer and took her to his home country. What unites all the stylesof the silk road is the solo improvisational nature of the dances; the differences are the many different musical styles as well as a wide variety of costumes and movements vocabulary.

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