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Algeria: Danse des Djinns (Constantine)
Danse des Djinns (Constantine)
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type: engraving
width in cm:21.0
height in cm: 11.0
artist: Pierre Adolphe Leleux (1812-1891)
publisher: Pierre Edmond Alexandre HEDOUIN (1820-1889)
engraved by:
Dance of the Djinns. This algerian trance dance was mainly performed to relieve those affected from evil spirits (djinii or djinns).
These kind of exorcism involved playing music on frame drums as the 'bendir' and also repetitive singing and chanting.

The Parisian artist Adolphe Leleux started out as an engraver and started working in 1835 as painter. This is a work for the salon of Paris 1849 with the engraving made by Edmond Hédouin (1820-1889).


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