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All the prints sold here are genuine reproductions of the original items listed here. They are shipped with greatest care.
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Egypt: Dancer with tambourine
Dancer with tambourine
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type: heliogravure
width in cm:9.0
height in cm: 9.0
engraved by: photogravure Goupil
Oriental dancer, in fact a ghazeeyeh. Dancers of the ghawazee tribe perform unveiled in the public streets in contrast to the 'almeh' or learned women. This is one of the original photo-engravings of Jean-Léon Gérôme, made by his father-in-law Adolphe Goupil. The engravings were send as promotional material to sell his paintings. They were only mailed to the more fortunate who could afford Gérôme's paintings.
Photo-engraving was a time consuming and meticulous procedure so it was soon abandoned in favour of genuine photographs.
Jean-Léon Gérôme was born in 1824, in France as the son of a goldsmith.
At the age of sixteen he went to study in the atelier of Paul Delaroche (1797-1856).
An enterprising student, at twenty-three Gérôme had his first great success with the exhibition of Le Combat de coqs (The Cockfight), 1846, at the Salon of 1847.

The painting's photographic detail made it seem realistic, but its Classical subject matter was in the academic tradition. This combination propelled Gérôme to leadership of the school of Academic Realism?a counterpart to the still developing Realist school of Gustave Courbet, whose paintings of contemporary life were rejected by the same Salon of 1847.

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