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type: steel engraving
width in cm:12.0
height in cm: 21.0
artist: Rolido
engraved by: Lefmny
Comic drawing. One of the muscians is dressed in Ottoman (these were in fact Albanian soldiers) soldier clothes. Mohamed Ali, the Albanian, is often considered the creator of modern Egypt. Mohamed Ali Pasha ruled Egypt from 1805 to 1848.
This Albanian viceroy, born in 1769, restricted the activities of the native merchant and artisan groups. Muhammad Ali quit power in 1848 and died in 1849. Shara Mohamed Ali was the famous street named after him.
Before Mohamed Ali, the Greek warrior Alexander the Great ruled Egypt from Alexandria, the capital designed by him. The Greek impact went even further to give Egypt its modern name, from the Greek word "Aigyptos" which replaced its ancient one, "Kemi." Mamluk, French and British occupation have also contributed to the enrichment of Egypt's modern culture. It all comes togethere in this drawing representing bellydance in Karnak.

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