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Soad Hosni

Soad Hosni

Soad Hosni - copyright

Film star Soad Hosni died on thursday, june 28th 2001 at the age of 57 after falling from the 6th floor of a London building.
Born on January 26 th 1942, Soad was one of Egypt's best-loved actresses of the 1960s and the seventies.

"She was the symbol of the golden age of Egyptian cinema" said Egyptian actress, Athar Al Hakim, who only knew Hosni from her films, which also included co-productions with Iraqi, Lebanese and Soviet producers.

Hosni, who starred in 75 Egyptian films through a career spanning from 1959 to 1991, lived in London for the last six years and underwent a treatment for a back problem.

Courted by Egypt's leading men, Souad Hosni married four of them. She first married film cameraman Salah Karim in the 1960s.

The actress began her career with the film "Hassan and Naima," an Egyptian version based on the Romeo and Juliet story of Shakespeare. Souad captured the hearts of film lovers with her dark sparkling eyes and her femine shape and soon became a star in the Arab world, gaining the nickname of Egypt’s "Cinderella."
The heart-throb brought to life a wide variety of comic and serious characters as diverse as the belly-dancer in "Don't Trust Zouzou" which ran for more than 50 weeks in the early 1970s. Souad Hosni did a good job on the belly dancing part though.
She married Zaki Fattin Abdel Wahhab in 1981 but never had any children. Linked by the press to Egypt's most famous crooner of the 1960s, Abdel Halim Hafez, Hosni never married him but went on to wed film director Ali Badrakhan at the end of the decade.
Later Souad divorced Badrakhan, after suffering from not been able to bear children and married Egyptian screenwriter Maher Awwad in the early 1990s.
Check also: Khalli Balak min Zouzou (Watch out for Zouzou) of 1972; screenplay by Salah Jahine; directed by Hassan El-Imam; starring Hussein Fahmi and Tahiya Caryoca. Souad Hosni played the role of a belly dancer university student in Khali Balak men Zouzou [Take Care of Zouzou].

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Khalli balak min Zouzou, de Hassan Al-Imam, est le film le plus réussi sur le plan commercial jusqu'en 1972, étant resté dans les salles pendant 53 semaines. C'est une comédie musicale joyeuse, même si elle provoque quelques larmes. Même s'il a dû faire face à une négligence des critiques au début, il a ensuite reçu l'estime méritée, quand on a découvert qu'il consacre des valeurs modernes et émancipées, en plaidant la cause de Zouzou (Soad Hosni) étudiante-danseuse orientale