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 Turkish belly dance

Sabine Sevan
Turkish belly dancers and Egyptian belly dancers have a completely different style and choreography. Turkey also knows male bellydancers. Although they seem to be rediscovered they existed since many centuries. You can find articles, ancient engravings and postcards about them throughout this website.
Not only the dancing does is distinctive from egyptian style, also the turkish dance costume has sometimes no resemblance to the egyptian dress. As more and more egyptian dancers prefer a baladi dress above a two piece ensemble the gap seems to be wider as ever.
Rhythmically the set is faster and the beats are often uneven. Especially gypsy dancers typically close their performance with a 9/8 beat.
Besides Sabine Sevan here featured, Nesrin Topkapi and Princess Banu were the two top stars of turkish belly dance in the eighties. Nesrin Topkapi being first dancer to perform a show on turkish television. She started to teach oriental dance and had her own school in the hills around Istanbul until begin of the 90's. Nesrin became very popular with German students visiting Turkey and as a result she relocated to Germany to continue her school of oriental dancing.
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