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 Oriental dances and bellydance videos and books

Now limited available in american video format:
Oriental choreographies by the former famous and first professional belgian top bellydancer Aziza Gizeh, who stopped her career in mysterious circumstances. The choreography is fascinating and worth a peek or more...
Pretty original exclusive costumes.
5 complete original choreographies on VHS
in the american NTSC video format.
These are the only video captures of the once legendary belgian bellydancer. Also available in PAL/secam format.
Remark: the video is archive material. It's an old recording and the quality of the picture is not like nowaday videos.
» Please note that this video is nearly sold out in NTSC and will no longer be on the market afterwards.
Hatshepsut video

Oriental and pharaonic dances

  • intro
  • Raqs al juzur (waterjug dance)
  • Complete oriental dance routine (13 min)
  • Hatshepsut - a pharaonice dance choreography
  • Danse du plateau - tribal bellydance stuff: traditional Ouled Naïl tray dance requiring balance [first time ever on v ideo]
  • Daraboukka solo
Danse du plateau



Completely sold outThis video, an historic document of the 20 th century (begin 1980's), cannot compete to the quality of the digital media nowadays
It will not be reproduced anymore, sorry
Watch here one of the choreographies on the video (the pharaonic dance on music of Abdel Hazim)
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